Valuation - from £150

Valuations can be required for a variety of reasons, here at Kuboo we offer the following private valuations.

Pre-purchase Valuation – A low cost independent valuation in a standard format based on a brief inspection, why have this, simple for peace of mind, and we all love that, professional advice on the true value of your bricks and mortar, or if you’re lucky enough to be a cash buyer you should want to be sure your hard earned money is being spent wisely. From only £150 you’d be mad not to get us round.

Building Insurance Valuation. Is your home insured for the correct amount should the unthinkable every happen? Lets be honest we all think, hey my pile of bricks is super safe, what could happen this is England. No super storms or major earthquakes but the way the world is going who can be sure, so in the event of a catastrophe in your part of the globe, are you sure your covered. Back to the point if you would like to be sure your insurance amount would cover you, so you don’t have to spend 5 years at the inlaws or even in a caravan in the garden, then give us a shout... From £100 we are too good to you.

Matrimonial and Probate Valuations. The not so nice one but a regular report we undertake, getting divorced or dealing with a property after death is never great and needs to be made as simple as possible, Kuboo can help and offer you a professional valuation which has to be undertaken by a professional surveyor and comply with the RICS Red Book......Here to help, fees by negotiation generally at a daily or hourly rate.

These valuations are not surveys and please remember a valuation will not go into detail about a potential money pit you may be about to sign up for... If you have any doubt and are not sure about the service you require please give us a shout as at Kuboo we will be happy to point you in the right direction.

If you're still AWAKE, Kuboo would like to explain about the valuation we all know about , that is a mortgage valuation and this will be carried out by your mortgage lender for their own purposes, yes you have to pay them, people get confused and who can blame them and they think it tells them what the property is worth, wrong it tell the mortgage provider their money is safe, through our consultancy agreements we undertake these for various mortgage lenders.

Our final thought what price is peace of mind... Leave it with you.

All our fees are subject to VAT @ 20%. We accept payment by cash, cheque and all major credit and debit cards.