Energy Performance Certificates - from £100

Energy Performance Certificates or as we all think of them EPC's, they have been around now for a while, and until you come to sell or let they won’t mean a lot to you, but please be aware when you sell your home you are responsible by law to get one done, and if you are letting out your home the same applies. It’s over to you.

EPC’s as we will call them have to be done by a qualified persons known as a DEA or long term Domestic Energy Assessor, this cost everyone who did the qualification allot of money and we all had to recently go and take more exams (which most failed btw, a little unknown fact), more money spent, so we were all up to date with new law and the Green deal.

For your bricks and mortar to qualify for the Green Deal financing it must have an EPC dated from April 2012. If you are interested in Green Deal please visit the Green Deal Finance website, it will explain everything you need.

For a sample of the new EPC click here »

So if you are selling or renting out your property or you are interested in applying for Green Deal finance then give us a shout and your local friendly (he is very friendly) qualified Kuboo guy will come and sort you out....

EPC’S start at £100.

All our fees are subject to VAT @ 20%. We accept payment by cash, cheque and all major credit and debit cards.